MSME : What is MSME , MSME registration , MSME Advantages

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0:19 MSME : What is MSME , MSME registration , MSME Advantages

1:18 Whats is MSME :

The Government of India gives special treatment to business that are running on Micro Small and Medium scale.

There are huge advantages on offer to such entities provided they are registered under MSME.

The Description of MICRO or SMALL or MEDIUM Enterprise is totally dependent upon their investment in both machinery and equipment.

1:19 Micro Enterprise:
Investment in Machinery: Not more than INR 25 lakh
Investment in equipment: Not more than INR 10 lakh

1:20 Small Enterprise:
Investment in Machinery: Between INR 25 lakh and 5 Crore
Investment in equipment: between INR 10 lakh and 2 Crore

1:21 Medium enterprise:
Investment in Machinery: Between INR 5 Crore and 10 Crore
Investment in equipment: Between INR 2 Crore and 5 Crore

3:53 Advantages of MSME Registration.
The Perks of Getting Registered as an MSME are Huge, like the ones Listed Below

3:56 Your Loans do not need to be supported by Collaterals.
4:17 A Subsidy of 50% on Trademark Registration.
4:48 A huge Subsidy of 50% on your Patent Registration.
5:26 When an MSME wishes to improve their equipment, they have an access to
Industrial Promotion Subsidy
5:57 They also may enjoy concession in Electricity Bills.
6:14 An MSME is also allowed to ask for a reimbursement of ISO Certification Charges.
6:40 A benefit of 1% on the OD Interest.
7:23 If a Payment to an MSME is delayed beyond a period of 45 days from the date of acceptance of Goods/ Services. The buyer is liable to pay compounding as well as monthly interest.
7:24 Any buyer of an MSME must pay the dues to MSME within 15 Days of acceptance or on the agreed date of
8:20 Along with the above there are several benefits from Income tax too.

8:42 Required Documents for MSME:
A very easy process that requires a very limited number of documents. The following are the documents you must produce for your MSME Registration.

1. Business Address Proof
2. Copies of Both SALE and PURCHASE bill
3. Partnership Deed/ MOA and AOA
4. Copy of Licenses and Bills of Machinery purchased

9:34 MSME Registration Process
The process can be executed by filing a single form, which may now be done online. The Option of individual registration may be assumed for different industries.

9:37 Following information is required for your MSME registration

1. Aadhar number
2. Industry name,
3. Address,
4. bank account details and;
5. some common

9:58 Zero Registration Fees

10:01 (Although There are professional Charges for the services you hire of a professional for facilitation of your registration process.

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