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CEO Talk on Investment Strategy and Tax saving with Mr. Mukul Kumar

Published on 02 Jun 2019 / In How to Create Wealth

CEO Talk on Investment Strategy and Tax saving with Mr. Mukul Kumar

Mr. Mukul Kumar
Chief Commercial Manager, Passenger Marketing
1. IRTS (Indian Railway Traffic Service
2. Northern Railway
3. He had been awarded a national Award for Outstanding Service in 2006.
4. Graduated from Delhi University ‘Kirori Mal College’.
5. Mid career training from Singapore and Malaysia.
6. M.Phil from Indian Institute of Public Administrator.

• Specialty

1. 'The Irrepresible Echoes', an anthology of his English poems was published in 2012. Prior to this, his poem ‘The Beggar’ was included in International library of poetry in United States.
2. His First novel was published with the name of 'As Boys Become Men' in March 2016.
3. His second novel named ‘Seduction by Truth’ in Mumbai and published by Manoj Bajpayee and Culture Minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma formally launched in October 2018 in New Delhi.

Questions :
1. How do you see yourself today and about your Success?
2. What is your advice to young Professionals to reach on Top?
3. How do you wish to invest u/s 80C. Is it only Investment or for good Return of Investment?
4. What about your Investment Portfolio?
5. What is your advice to salary class or middle class for Investment strategy?
6. Why salary class always does wrong Investment or wrong Portfolio?
7. How to start Investing and Building

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